Flower Press
Flower Press

This short collection of poems can be described as an elegiac apostrophe. In three sections—bud, bloom, and blood—it explores the growth of love in childhood, the loss of innocence, and the fallout of that loss. Flower Press does not claim to offer answers, but the consolation of the act of remembering.

Flower Press was launched in Dublin in Books Upstairs by Kerrie O’ Brien, and in Galway in NUIG by Dani Gill thanks to the MA in Writing and Moore Institute.

Praise for Flower Press:

Beautifully crafted, Alice Kinsella’s new collection of poems, ‘Flower Press’, or love letters to a love lost, sink into the heart and quietly explode. I adored them.
Rosita A. Sweetman

Intimate, lyrical and full of pathos, Alice Kinsella brings an otherworldly quality to the quotidian, in work that is unsettling and transformative. Flower Press is a debut of rare beauty, revealing multiple epiphanies and the power of the poet’s wielded pen.
Sinéad Gleeson

A deeply moving first collection, Flower Press treats of love and loss with mature and memorable insight into the questions and longing which absence brings in its wake. A bright and convincingly poetic voice beckons in Alice Kinsella’s debut: ‘pure potential’.
Gerald Dawe

Like the flower press of the title, this collection opens to reveal vivid snapshots of youth, replete with sensuous, rural ritual; and the awakening of unselfconscious love . . . In spite of the lurking sense of threat to this idyll, the mood is energetic and the language playful . . . Fresh and unaffected, the best of these poems body forth that universal rite of passage, from first love to the corrosive haunt of regret: “Watch white hands drop red tears/one by one into the black.”
Katie Donovan

Reviews, articles, interviews:

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Flower Press is now on sale.